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Posted by paanis పై మార్చి 23, 2008


Got this info from my BIL…who came across the following a while ago….

Nice one..whoever the original authors is..kudos…

I am learning from life, that things change , people change , and clinging onto anything is selfish

I am just a traveler, who started this journey with nothing , and one day , will end it with nothing . As I travel, I will come across varied things. Thunderous applause, venomous comments , beautiful faces , luxurious objects , broken promises . But the echo of every applause will die down eventually , every hateful comment will lose its sting after a while , a beautiful face may reveal an ugly soul with time , no object of pleasure can lead to prolonged satisfaction , and it was only my own expectation which hurt me in the guise of a broken promise . So I need to realize the truth that without attaching myself to these mirages , I have to enjoy the journey . Life is not about clinging to these ever changing stations on the way . It’s about understanding that it’s all just a journey , to end in nothingness one day!




ఒక స్పందన to “Life…”

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